Talent Mentality Spectrum: Founder vs Employee

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2 min readNov 14, 2022
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Talent mentality spectrum refers to the range of mindsets and behaviors demonstrated by individuals within a company. The two poles of this spectrum are the #founder mentality, characterized by a drive for innovation and risk-taking, challenging the status quo, rebellious, obsessively to change for the next level and the #employee mentality, which prioritizes stability, compliance, following established policies and processes and typically keeping an eye out for commands and instructions.

For example, a person with a founder mentality may approach a problem by brainstorming creative solutions, generating fresh ideas for the next big things and doing experimentation to validate them while someone with an employee mentality may prefer to stick to established methods and procedures only and a bit worry to try something new.

In terms of #behavior, a founder mentality individual may push for the company boundary to enter untested markets, while an employee mentality individual may advocate for staying within their current industry, but untapped market will be overlooked.

An organization can cultivate a balance between these mindsets by promoting a culture of experimentation and encouraging individuals to challenge the status quo while still being mindful of practicality and consequences. This, in turn, can lead to long-term success in the business world.

In terms of our organization mode #plantation and #rainforest, a plantation culture that refers to a top-down hierarchical structure where employees are expected to simply follow orders and stick to the business as usual will be the best workplace for talent with dominantly employee mentality.

Meanwhile a rainforest culture that encourages innovation, takes bold initiatives and embraces failure as a learning opportunity will be the best workplace for talent with founder mentality. Again, embracing both the founder mentality and employee mentality can help an organization move towards innovative culture.

In today’s rapidly changing business world, it is important for organizations to strike a balance between these two mindsets. Embracing both types of thinking can lead to a more dynamic and successful organization.

Is your talent pool dominated by people who think like #founders or people who see themselves as #employees?

Written by Arief Mustain — Digital Explorer & Innovation Enthusiast