Nurturing Innovation Culture

Agile Innovation Labs
2 min readDec 28, 2022
Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

Innovation is one of the important keys to organizational transformation. How can we grow and accelerate an innovation culture in our organization?

Here are some advises from Mr. Arief Mustain, Innovation Coach and Advisor at Social Innovation Hub Indonesia that we can learn from:

1. If you want your organization to move forward, innovation culture is key — keep it running at top speed with fuel & digital as an engine
2. Failure is not something to be afraid of in an innovative culture, but incompetence should not be tolerated either.
3. Achieving success requires a willingness to experiment and push boundaries — but rigorously disciplining those experiments is essential too
4. Unlocking potential through an innovative culture allow your team to experiment with their ideas and see what amazing results they produce.
5. Driving performance through creative solutions; establish a culture of innovation to enable employees to take ownership of their work and fully realize their potential
6. Dealing with what is possible. A culture where individuals will exhibit greater adaptability, tolerance for uncertainty, and the capacity to imagine the possible.
7. Ideas are most welcome. A culture in which the ideas contributed by employees are not only encouraged but also valued, and in which team members have the impression that they are being heard at all times.
8. Embrace failure and learning. It requires the capacity to embrace failure, take risky small bets, and quickly learn if something doesn’t work
9. An open-door policy leads to brighter ideas — foster an innovative atmosphere in your organization by being receptive to new suggestions.
10. Thinking like a startup. A culture where the established organization has to think like a small start-up; stay less bureaucratic, execute plans quickly, with much faster decision-making capabilities
11. Cross Functional Way. A culture where information, ideas, and insights are fluidly flowing throughout the organization
12. Pathfinding for the next practice. An environment that gives wide space for those who have refused to accept the status quo and instead have tried to do something better, something different
13. Expecting the unexpected. Valuing failure as a learning point and that what does not work now may still be a stepping stone to the future
14. Enabling the impact. It produces the result of breakthroughs, useful incremental changes, and even radically new ways of doing business
15. Nurturing the new ways. The work environment that
leaders cultivate in order to nurture new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things as well as challenging the business as usual
16. Everyone’s Job. Believes that innovation doesn’t come from the top, but from encouraging anyone in the organization to try new things.